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AdFrisky is a library of online Ad Networks.

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Facebook is one of the biggest ad networks. With billions of users, you can basically sell anything. Although their prices are slowly increasing as they grow.

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Reddit Ads

Reddit is a less know ad network. With 1.2 million subreddits it makes it easy to target any audience you want.

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Bing Ads

Surprisingly 33% search in the US are on Bing. This makes it a serious option if you are looking for search ads. It also has a lower average CPC than Google of $1.54

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Carbon makes some of the nicest ads, ones that people want to click. They have an invite-only network with premium websites in three "circles".

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Adwords is one of the biggest networks. With the Search and Display networks, remarketing and the keyword planer you are able to run effective campaigns.

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LinkedIn Ads

With 560M professionals on LinkedIn its great for B2B and job ads. They allow you to target by job title, industry and more. The average CPC on LinkedIn is $6.50

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BuySellAds is a marketplace where you can buy ad spaces on large websites like NPR & There are multiple formats including CPM & paying for an amount of time.

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Instagram Ads

Instagram is great to use images or video to advertise a product or service. You can run ads on the Instagram app or throw the Facebook ad manager.

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Twitter Ads

Twitter is a great platform for running ads. The CPC is very low but I found that the CPF (Cost Per Follow) is really high and I don't recommend using it for growing an account.

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